An Education Program of the National Park Service

Data Collection & Submission

There are several ways to submit your study data. There are ArcGIS Online forms and interactive maps which submit the data directly to the ArcGIS study map. You may also utilize iNaturalist to submit your data.

iNaturalist features both desktop and mobile platforms. The mobile platform can be used with or without connectivity, so WIFI only devices may be used. WIFI onlyu devices just need to be synced upon connection.

ArcGIS is the industry standard for natural resource agencies as well as many community planning organizations. ArcGIS features several platforms including desktop, online and mobile. There are many ways to work with ArcGIS. You do not need to be an expert in GIS or ArcGIS for desktop to use this tool. ArcGIS offers the ability to crowd source data collection and share that data immediately. It can be used for simple mapping to complex data analysis. Getting started is easy. Participate in one of The River Mile’s webinars to get started, then participate in in-person training to learn hands-on.

Excel Data Sheet
To submit data electronically for the Crayfish study download the Excel Data Sheet, fill out and email to the program lead.

To learn more about how educators can utilize ArcGIS in the classroom and participate in training check out the ConnectED Intiative.