An Education Program of the National Park Service


Interest in The River Mile by resource agencies, environmental educators, and education professionals continues to grow. Formal partnerships have developed. Some of these partnerships bring expertise in education others bring expertise in subject matter. Lake Roosevelt Forum has been a partner in The River Mile since the beginning of the program. They have provided expertise for material development as well as administrative support. Pacific Education Institute’s partnership provides oversight of training teachers and The River Mile’s Watershed Facilitators. PEI also works with Washington States Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction to ensure support for FieldSTEM™.

These organizations represent education and natural and cultural resource professionals and provide excellent connections and resources. In addition, informal partners assist with many different aspects of The River Mile. This assistance comes in the form of presentations, programs, subject matter expertise, resources, serving as Watershed Facilitators and training teachers in their local watershed.

In July 2015 we conducted our first ever train the trainer event! This co-sponsored training was a pilot training to recruit and train Watershed Facilitators who will be points of contact for The River Mile in their local areas and many will become certified STEM instructors for The River Mile and the Columbia River Watershed. Pacific Education Institute took the lead on developing the agenda, has hired a Watershed Coordinator, and is assessing the usefulness of the training. We anticipate offering another training in late 2015 or early 2016 to increase the number of Watershed Facilitators and points of contact.

In 2016, the centennial of the National Park Service, Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area chose “The River Mile” as one of the park’s Centennial Projects. The park’s goal was to have full availability of The River Mile programs, materials, trainings and network venues.

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