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Excerpt from our last newsletter

Welcome to the new school year!

It was a busy summer. I instructed at an National Park Service virtual education training for park rangers in Harper’s Ferry, VA, viewed the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse from Madras, OR, conducted several successful astronomy programs around the park, and planned new programs and changes to the park’s education plan. All of these experiences reminded me about how much I love learning from scientists and other experts and working with fellow rangers and the public.

That is what field experiences are about! Sparking enthusiasm and interest. When students are given the opportunity to explore and experience new things inside and outside of the classroom, they too can be inspired to learn more, do more, and make a difference. If I had remained in my office all summer I would not have been inspired and challenged in the same way as my field experiences challenged me.

This year The River Mile Network offers a variety of opportunities and challenges for you and your students.

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