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Water Quality in the Upper Columbia River and Lake Roosevelt: A 6th-12th Grade Environmental Science Unit

Select lesson pdfs below you wish to print or save. It is highly recommended that everyone print “Water Quality Unit Table of Contents and Overview v7-November 2013” [PDF] as it is the table of contents and overviews of all lessons.

Overview and Introduction [PDF]

  1. Water Quality A Global Issue [PDF]
  2. Water Quality Fecal Coliform [PDF] – [Click here for PPT]
  3. Water Quality Turbidity & Conductivity [PDF] – [Click here for PPT]
  4. Water Quality pH [PDF] – [Click here for PPT]
  5. Water Quality Temperature [PDF] – [Click here for PPT]
  6. Water Quality Nutrient Loading & Dissolved Oxygen [PDF] – [Click her for PPT]
  7. Water Quality Pont, Non-Point Source Pollution [PDF]
  8. Water Quality Bioaccumulation [PDF] – [Click here for PPT]
  9. Water Quality Climate Change [PDF] – [Click here for PPT]
  10. Water Footprint [PDF]
  11. Water Quality Assessment Research Project [PDF]
  12. The River Mile Water Quality Site Visit [PDF]